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Major Arcana poetic tarot fragment cards based on a GPT-2 instance fine-tuned with a cleaned-up text of Aleister Crowley's "Book of Thoth". Text composed based on a sequence of numbers important in Thelema for each card by Char. Then each card was adorned with a unique not-so-sacred geometry generated in Martin's Ephemerald.



  • Running three separate instances of the generator using the following rules
    •  1. length = 23; temperature = 0.666
    • 2. length = 34; temperature = 0.777
    • 3. length = 42; temperature = 0.93
  • For each card, the beginning prefix = “[Card name] “, using Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.
  • Then, using the human pattern recognition machine to craft a small intuitive fragment/poem out of the results.
  • Images were made using Ephemerald with SVG.

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Authorsalphachar, martinpi
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